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The Mercer County Historical Society in Aledo, IL, features the Essley-Noble Museum, as well as a machine shed, and one room school house.

New Acquisitions


A collection of information cards collected for World War I soldiers from Mercer County was found in the attic of a local pharmacy building.  These cards provide personal information on soldiers and are a wonderful resource for genealogists and researchers.  

Handbooks used by local cub scout and boy scout groups were recently accepted into our collection. 

A collapsible Brownie camera was recently accepted and is a novel addition to our camera collection that features examples going back into the 1800s.

There is a set of fish net needles donated by Tom Moyers. The card reads, "These are fish net needles made by John Frieden. He whittled them out. I was around eight years old as I remember him making fish nets. I have put in frame Jan. 2010. I am 91. His daughter Lorena Frieden Moyers." The museum also has a set of the fish nets donated by Dave Frieden and a display is in the making.

"A History of the CB&Q Illinois Pea Vine" by R.W. Linroth contains photos and information on railroads in Mercer as well as nearby counties. Also, come and see our railroad exhibit.

There are approximately 20 Mercer County advertising items donated by the Mabel Mayhew estate. You can see these and other advertising items at the museum.

We also have an oil painting by Alice Hare of the Shale City brick kiln. It was donated by Marilynne McGuire.

Volunteer Kathy Coe is compiling a binder of War of 1812 veterans buried in Mercer County. It contains names, burial sites, and other available information so these men will not be forgotten. A similar volume of WWI veterans is in the works and these and other biographies and indexes of veterans are available for use in the genealogical department at the museum.

We have three "wooden nickels" from the Mercer County 1942 July 4th celebration. Series A,B, & C. They were donated by Dennis and Reeda Basala.

Contact us at 309-582-2280 for more information about our artifacts.